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Under The Hood Of A Programmatic Out Of Home Campaign


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The challenge

The challenge often faced by marketers is how to integrate Programmatic Digital Out of Home (prDOOH) into existing omnichannel plans and to know where to start with this integration.

What we did

In order to help marketers understand a bit more about prDOOH, our sister brand, TPA Academy, created a new course in partnership with JCDecaux to teach 'The Fundamentals of PRDOOH'. And what better way to promote the course than to run our very own PrDOOH campaign!

This whitepaper

This whitepaper details the journey TPA Labs took from creating a brief to activating and optimising a prDOOHcampaign. We have documented every step of the process in order to provide marketers with a comprehensive, in-depth view of how prDOOH works and the results it delivers.

​Key insights include:

  • DSPs offer marketers complete control over the set-up and delivery of prDOOH campaigns

  • Premium inventory is readily available and easily accessed via programmatic

  • Granular location-based targeting can help reach your most engaged audiences

  • PrDOOH is measurable with 100% transparency in spend and impressions

Watch our Head of UK, Dan Larden, and Dom Kozak, the Head of Programmatic at JCDecaux UK, discuss a bit more about our whitepaper in the video below.

Download the whitepaper

Click here to download the whitepaper


With thanks to our DSP and SSP partners

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